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The Importance of Genre

I am constantly asked about genre, as though it’s a mark of quality, and I find myself wondering about how important such a thing is. Is genre just a title, a category to help us group stories into classes of pre-determined judgment, or is it something more? Stephen King’s books are widely regarded as horror, but this is also the man who penned such greats as The Shawshank Redemption and The ...

Short Story – BLOOD

I've noticed my blog getting a little bit too sensitive and flowery for my taste. There's nothing wrong with that, but I don't want to suddenly look down and realize I've grown a vagina and I'm crying at daffodil commercials. And so I wrote something to remind us all what I truly am. Enjoy.   BLOOD There was so much of it, covering him, consuming him. He could not escape ...

Second Excerpt from THE DARK PATH

Vain gazed through the crowd. He knew the little drunk hid in Mason’s somewhere and he needed the information he could provide. He also knew the man wouldn’t want to be found and that would be why he loitered in such a public place. He would expect Vain to avoid Mason’s because of the amount of people gathered here; he knew the Dark Man’s abhorrence of crowds. What he did not ...
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