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What Makes A Man?

I used to believe I knew, but what I thought was an illusion. It keeps changing and rearranging in my mind as priorities shift and life decisions alter. When I was a child it seemed so simple: I wanted to become my father. But then he was torn away and I was left alone, abruptly bereft of guidance on a road where people expected me to know my way. I fumbled ...

When I grow up….

When I grow up, I wanna be special, to stand out from the crowd, but in order to do that I need to learn from those who came before me and grow up just the right way. I need to remember that this kid:       Ended up beingĀ  this dude:     And this seemingly innocent baby:     Tragically resulted in this adult:     But not all adult issues begin in the crib. For instance, this kid was just beginning ...
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