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The Concept of Violence

Primitive instincts have driven mankind forward through the ages. The need to eat has caused vast movements in population, migrating to all points of the compass. Technology has advanced exponentially throughout the ages as more and more mouths cry out for sustenance, requiring advanced machinery and cultivation techniques. The need for shelter has coerced our species to craft soaring structures which caress the heavens, their roots driven deep to protect from ...

Short Story: The Echoes of Eternity

The cacophony of explosions became muted, fading away into the background of his consciousness as he sat, musing about his failures. Swallowing heavily, trying to suppress his fear, he attempted to push back the sounds of war. He failed. Before arriving here, he’d thought war would be glorious, but now, resting in the mud, sixteen-year-old Alan realized he’d been a complete fool. He’d lied about his age to enlist, of course, ...

The Illusion of the Tough Guy.

A friend once told me he'd never had a physical fight. This concept amazed me at the time, and I really couldn’t imagine how he had accomplished it. I was only seventeen and already set on a course which would dictate my entire life. Thinking back to that time, a point in my life where I thought being some sort of tough guy would shield me from the world, I wonder ...
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