A Life Searching For Balance

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Emotion is necessary in all walks of life, the arts most of all. If you’re not passionate about something it becomes mediocre and dull, a lifeless thing lying limp on the doorstep of what you might have achieved. It is a double-edged blade, however, ready to slice back at the wielder if used incorrectly.

Your passion can rush loose from all constraints, tearing through your project like a forest fire, leaving only ashes in its wake. You must control it, binding it with focus, making a scalpel and not an axe.

But what I say is a contradiction, yes? How can you be passionate and yet contained, emotional and distant? Alas this is the quest we all pursue if we hope to succeed as artists.

Think of yourself as a blank canvas. Unconstrained emotion is like flinging tins of paint at your canvas, bludgeoning art which may appeal to some but will take incredible luck to be accepted as talent and not mess.

But on the other end of the scale is the technical skill of a draftsman. Such artistry is misplaced upon a canvas because it lacks life and passion, and as such imparts nothing upon the viewer.

And so a medium must be found, a common ground where both skills meet and tell a story upon your life canvas. This is the greatness people strive for, and it seems so simple, but to be out by even a fraction can be disastrous.

So what is the answer?

Aha! I knew you’d ask. Truth is there is no answer, merely an everlasting quest called life. Balance must be found, but this does not mean both sides remain equal. They are as shifting as desert sands, sometimes one demanding attention, the other occasionally pushing it aside.

Just as life isn’t neutral, so must your soul shift like lava through ice. Such extremes combine to create true wonders and without them all you have are shades of gray. While gray is essential to exist through monotony, striving for wonderment is not capable with mere tedium. Explode and contract in the same movement, inhale and exhale in an instant and think without thought in order to create that which already exists… in your mind’s eye.

Sweet anguish awaits down this road, but marvels beyond imagining can been made. Search each day for more, and more, and more. There is no answer, only more questions, but those questions bring with them revelations of what you require for the next step.

The next step on a staircase of your journey through life.


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