Searching For The Significance Of Your Soul

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Everything is paid for, nothing is free. Beware the dream that costs too much.

Hope resides within us all for a greater life, a richer existence, but sometimes the road to that dream is paved with broken glass, and the goal you find is empty, a shrouded thing, shimmering within your grasp, yet hollow and worthless.

I fear such a thing.

The grass is always greener on the other side because the gardener is full of shit. He will hold up dung and tell you it is gold, touting its glory for all who will hear, trapping any who dare dream of living in his garden.

But true gold exists, I know it, I’ve seen it. It hides not in the ground, nor in a fat man’s wallet, but in the eyes of the one who grasps it true. That is the goal, the existence we all crave, though some know not. The paths to this quest vary greatly, but the goal is the same. It is purpose, it is fulfillment, it is worth.

Some already have it, walking through life unknowing of what they possess. They appear charmed in all they do, but it’s an illusion. The true source of their wealth resides in their soul, a certain completeness within them they bear like a talisman. Watch them, envy them, and believe what they have is out of reach.

Or maybe not….

Happiness is within reach for all who truly seek it, though most don’t know how. They reside within chasms of loss, hiding behind walls of trepidation, desperate for another to show them the route which they alone can find.

You must seek it with all your soul. Hunting, like a predator in the darkness, for that first tiny flicker of the wealth you so covet.

It could be something so simple as a flower, the only one of its kind, that will mean nothing to any other living thing for all eternity, but means everything to you, because it’s yours. Or it might be so vast as world domination, in all its shapes and forms, that eludes you, and it is only at its loss that you realize you held it all along.

I hold no answers. There is no simple solution or else this world would be a paradise and not a bucket of fools all clamoring about unfairness, crying to whatever deity they worship to make their lives right.

Save your breath; help yourself.

The treasure you yearn can only come from struggling through the mire of odds to a glorious horizon. There is no easy route, and to think so is to set yourself upon a course doomed to failure. Prepare for all hardships and your way will run strong, and if by chance you arrive sooner than you thought, smile. You’ve found your way home.

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