A Face Can Say So Much

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Facial expressions are designed to communicate feelings, often without words. Here are a few expressions from all around the world, proving we are not so different after all.




Whether it be during sporting events:

















But it’s not limited to the participants, those around them also indulge in facial expressions:




















Thrill rides result in thrilled expressions:



















Children learn the power of facial expressions at a young age:

















And even pets can be influenced to the point of mimicry. Here we have a display of a porn star and a politician:


















Some expressions simply occur due to what a person is looking at:















And others happen due to attempted ridicule:




















Some people pull fake expressions to mimic others:
















Apes, as some of our closest animal relations, also pull facial expressions:
















As do certain celebrities – those who haven’t overdosed on Botox, that is:


















But none of them, not a single one, will ever come close to being as creepy as this guy:









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