Be Who You Are Meant To Be

By on October 17, 2011

Only one thing matters in life, only one ambition, only one goal. Whatever that target might be, as odd as others may think it, it is yours, and your purpose for being. It should be sought with all your strength and guile until the universe shatters and your body becomes dust.

Many wonder what life means, asking themselves daily why they are put on this planet. While they sit dithering, their purpose passes by, unnoticed and unpursued, and upon their deathbed they curse at the futility of life, disgusted at how little they have accomplished.

Some believe it is not about money, and should only revolve around love and family, but they are wrong. Not wrong for themselves, merely wrong to judge the path of others. From that rich person’s ambition, they have employed people who otherwise might not have been able to afford to pursue their own ambition. They have paid larger taxes so as to help finance the societies we all gather within, employing soldiers to keep our lives safe. Those soldiers have pursued a life of protection and service to a greater idea, one which may not be agreeable to some, but it is theirs, and not to be judged. Without them there would be no freedom with which to cast judgment.

I have met gardeners who could spout philosophy about the universe by simply examining the petals of a rose, carrying their listeners into their world and enriching their lives with every word. I have met bad men, criminals and cruel, but who have, by one single action, changed the lives of others for the better beyond anything a king could offer. These are people who have found their purpose in life, be it forever or just a day, and they should be content.

Every person is a cog in a grand machine beyond imagination. To judge one part is like looking at a single inch of the Mona Lisa and saying it is disgusting, without knowing how wondrous the entire picture is. No matter how menial a position may seem, if that person is satisfied, then they are complete, whereas the most successful person may be empty inside at the lack of family and friends in their life. Judge nobody by what they do, judge them for what they are.


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  1. Hi Luke,

    Funny how your post should be about this as discussions this past week in my world did touch on this point exactly.

    People seem to judge so quickly and they base those judgements on fiction instead of fact because they don’t usually really know the person. Judgements are also often formed on not who a person is but what they have.

    I think part of the problem is everyone is out there and instead of being a supporter of life and others they are only interested in one thing, “what’s in it for me” — we are a world that is consumed with the ME factor and it has really taken away. I don’t like this approach to people and I do my best to look at someone new entering my life in the opposite way — “what can I do for them” “how can I add value to their life”. I truly believe that in this “pay it forward” approach, everybody is win, win.

  2. Azavartana says:

    Привет, Луки! Несколько лет назад я смотрела фильм-фентези. Там инопланетяне собрались посещать нашу планету и они решили заранее изучать людской род на разных угольках мира. У них была видео сверх-супер, через который они смотрели на нас.Они не как не могли понять,почему люди так ведут себя в семье, на работе, в любви. Почему мы так питаемся и одеваемся, заводим детей таким способом, так как у них это все было очень просто с малой тратой времени сил и средств…Они просто не понимали нас-людей из другой планеты.И на Земле, так же, мы часто не понимаем других людей.Не понимаем путь, который они выбрали, не понимаем их амбиции и цели, не понимаем н.и..ч..е..г..о. Потому что мы не знаем про них ничего.Не всегда нам удается делать то, что нравится, или сможем лучше.Очень часто не все зависит от нас…Есть вещи, которые происходит с людьми независимо от их желаний…Мне очень нравится как Вы пишите:оригинально, как будто разговор тет-а-тет.PS:Вас можно поздравить с интервью?Желаю удаче. A.G

  3. Brooklyn Ann says:

    Wonderful post! I toast you with my Red Bull!!!

  4. Chris Turner says:

    Nice blog post. I agree wholeheartedly. We are all individuals and contribute to the whole with our unique gifts…

  5. wbentrim says:

    From one happy cog to another, Kudos on your philosophy!

  6. Guilie says:

    It amazes me how the Universe conspires to bring us what we need, when we decide–for real–what we want. I’ve been in flux for a few months now (details, if you’re interested, on my blog), and you’ve nailed it on your post. Thank you for sharing!

  7. LKWatts says:

    This post touches on a very important issue – one that I think about often. People should do what they want as long as no harm comes to others. Don’t ever life your life for someone else – chances are they’re not going to appreciate it anyway.

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