BLACKLISTED is getting closer every day….

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To those of you who don’t know, my second novel release is due out very soon. Right now it’s away with my editor and I’m discovering all the wonderful things involved in self-publishing.

Yes, you heard me right, Blacklisted is going to be self-published. I have reached a point where I believe the most important thing for me to do is make my books available to those who matter: my readers. We have all been waiting for over a year and a half to see what else I can produce and I am more than willing to deliver.

So Blacklisted will hopefully be out this month in eBook, but at the very worst it will definitely be out next month. The last thing I want to do is rush it and make mistakes, so for now I beg your patience. As I have said before, the eBook will initially be released at 99c in an attempt to apologize to those of you who have been waiting for more. The print version will be available soon after, as I fumble my way through this process.

But that’s not the end of it. Beyond Hades will be released as soon as I can get it ready and its sequel, Slaves of Valhalla, will also follow. I have two other novels written after these, but at this stage I’m not sure what I’ll do with them. They’re part of a four-book series which is absolutely colossal in its scale, and so I think I’ll just see where I stand at the end of my publication marathon.

I’m not about to climb into a pulpit and preach about how self-publishing is taking over the world, because we all know it’s not. I’m just trying to get my voice heard in the maelstrom, and at the moment I believe getting my work to my readers as swiftly possible is absolutely vital. To do that I must self-publish, it’s that simple. Things have been on hold for far too long through no fault of my own, and the last thing I want to do it to jump back on the merry-go-round of submissions and rejections once more.

My editor, the same man I worked with on The Dark Path, is of the highest calibre, and we are working together to polish Blacklisted to a fine shine. It is very different from The Dark Path in that it is based purely in reality, but its soul of action and adventure is just as strong, if not stronger.

People will inevitably ask if I like this book better, but I cannot answer that, nor is it for me to answer. It is for you, the readers, to decide for yourselves. These stories are my children, and to like one more than another would be the same as if I turned from one child in favour of another. I pour everything I can into what I write, and all I can do is hope it goes out into the world to be accepted and loved as much as I love it.


Click HERE to read an excerpt from BLACKLISTED.



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