I need your help

By on July 29, 2011

Okay, I know I’ve already posted cover art for BLACKLISTED, but I really wasn’t happy with it and have been working furiously to get something better done. Below is what I hope will be the final artwork for the cover. Let me know what you think in the comments, it’ll really help. Thanks guys.





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  1. Tatianna says:

    This is a nice cover, what other options did you have?

  2. Sheila Gage says:

    I thing it looks great with the flag in the background, the “smudges/splotches” and LOVE the reflection of the word Blacklisted. The only part that stands out to me is your name in gold. Not sure how I feel about the gold, but I don’t have an alternate suggestion. It does need to stand out.

  3. Doris Ann Atkinson says:

    I go along with Sheila Gage exactly the same! The smudged color the intense frustration of the modal’s pose. The flag in the background, the reflection of the tittle……I like the gold lettering of your name it, pops!

  4. S says:

    Looking very good Luke, the book cover that is:)l
    Excellent stuff, may be slightly improved if edges of the B & D in the reflected title where brought on cover, is slightly (eye) distracting they r missing at the mo…

  5. Adiba says:

    The effect of the back to the world and facing an unclear view depicts frustration and rage, it’s very effective, the reflection of BLACKLISTED makes the cover more strong. It’s great, I like it!

  6. I love the male figure, looks like you. I like the American flag suggested in the background.
    The composition is balanced with text size but…
    not tiptoeing here
    I do not like the transparency of the washed blue over all it does not hold everything together, it is too busy.
    I assume by the posture the man is being arrested, but the curvature of the shoulders forward feels ashamed, given the title that I assume what you want.
    What about using a filter on the flag as more cartoon image- load the jpeg into photoshop and change it to more of a Jacson Pollack screen over all- the diagonal lines will energize rather than be a sieve.
    Covers are tough – but important
    I love the font and color of your name and title

  7. Netty (Queenie) says:

    I like this cover better than the one before! I read your extract from the book, sounds good! x

  8. The1Ms.HBIC says:

    I love the cover. It’s a perfect portrayal of a soldier who is frustrated and disenchanted with the government/military and sees it all in a different light, hence the flags distortion.

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