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A terrifying storm lashed Sydney’s North Shore on June 21st, 1975. Boats were swamped and jetties
smashed in what some claim was the worst storm to hit the coast for four decades.

In the midst of the chaos, Luke Romyn’s parents battled to get to a hospital to birth their baby boy. Normally
their idyllic island cottage was a near-paradise; on this night the journey to the mainland in their tiny boat
seemed like a passage through Hell. Their son was born near midnight, but part of the storm never left him.

When Luke reached fifteen years of age his father was killed while working in Fiji, leaving Luke and his mother
alone. At times, the only things to get Luke through his grief were the stories playing out in his head, endless
fantastical tales of lands both distant and near, with characters who would protect him from any tragedy.

At eighteen, Luke began working in nightclubs as a bouncer. Unbeknownst to him, this was simply the first
step on a trek which would dictate much of his life from that point on. For over two decades since, Luke has
worked in the security industry; from bouncing in some of Australia's roughest pubs and nightclubs to
protecting Mickey Mouse and the Disney crew from the overzealous jaws of tenacious toddlers. He's been
bodyguard for celebrities internationally and chased feral pigs and snakes from jungle sets on Steven
Spielberg productions. Luke has traveled the globe and spent time in some of the most amazing locations the
world has to offer.

This experience fuels the Australian writer’s ever-expansive imagination, and he pours it into his novels,
combining fact with fiction, history with fantasy, delivering engrossing action-thrillers which leave fans gasping
for more. Luke’s quick wit has seen his social media following explode, and he is currently one of the most
prolific social media celebrities in Australia, with several hundred thousand followers across the internet.

Publishing his first book, The Dark Path, in 2009 saw it voted in the top 10 horror novels of that year, even
though Luke denies ever intending the novel to be classed as horror. Luke Romyn has gone on to become a
USA Today best selling author and is now one of the most popular indie authors in the ever-growing eBook
market. He personally completes everything from cover art to final formatting, working tirelessly with editors
to refine the best stories possible for his readers. The results are international bestsellers you're certain to
love diving into. Over 550,000 readers can't be wrong.
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